1.Eligibility: To be eligible to receive direct services (home study, placement or post-placement services), prospective adoptive applicant(s) must:

a.Must be married for a minimum of two years and maintain a stable marriage or single meeting Arizona state law concerning adoption.

b.Applicant(s) must be in good physical health and have reasonable quality of health and life expectancy until the child is raised to adulthood. Past and present health concerns must be disclosed and discussed with staff/supervisor.

c.Applicant(s) must have stable mental and emotional health. Past and present mental and emotional health issues must be discussed with staff/supervisor.

d.Adoption Home Study Services of Az provide services to all religious backgrounds and races.

e.Applicant(s) must show proof of income stability and be sufficient to care for an infant.

f.Applicant(s) must carry health insurance to cover the child throughout the process.

g.Applicant(s) must meet all government requirements regarding adoption.

h.Applicant(s) must submit criminal background, child abuse check and fingerprint clearance. These checks must not present concerns that would affect applicant(s) ability to provide appropriate care for a child.

i.Applicant(s) must show ability to honor birth parents/child heritage. Failure to honor commitments to birth parents may result in inability to received further services.

j.Services may be discontinued or delayed at any time if applicant(s) have misrepresented themselves at any point during the process.

k. Applicant(s) must maintain appropriate residency/legal status where applying for adoption.

l. Submitting an application with Adoption Home Study Services of Az does not guarantee certification approval.