Welcome to Adoption Home Study Services of Az! We are excited for you in your decision to expand your family through adoption. process is filled home visits and much more. We are committed to providing professional, streamlined and timely services as possible. Here’s what you need to know. Contact us at 480-392-5723 to get started. You’ll be provided with all the information and paperwork you need to complete an adoption home study (required by Arizona law to adopt a non-relative). You’ll be given an Application and Description of Services along with information about being fingerprinted. From there you will follow 4 easy steps to get certified to adopt in the state of Arizona. Let us help you follow your dreams of adding to your family through adoption.


A.A. Application

Description of Service (2014)

Attend an Orientation (Informational meeting about how the process works)


Fill out Application and Description of Services
Finger Print Cards: Get your fingerprints taken!
Everyone 18 and older in the home must have fingerprints completed!
Employment Verification (Send one to each employer if self-employed fill it out yourself)
3 Reference Letters to Friends (these will be emailed by office staff)
2 Reference Letters for Relative (these will be emailed by office staff)


Things to get signatures on:

Medical Reports (1 per person in the family, or anyone who lives with your family who is 18 years of age or older, i.e. grandma, etc.)

Child’s Medical Report -1 per child in home if applicable


Things to print and fill out and email back:

Health Insurance Questionnaire
Financial Statement
Application for Certification to Adopt
CPS Clearance –
Affidavits (1 per spouse) You can sign as witnesses for each other.
Pet’s license/vaccination

Email back to calli@azadoptionservices.org


Thing to turn in at first meeting:

A pay stub from each job in the household
A copy of each 1040 Tax Return – just the first two pages.
A copy of your certified Marriage License if applicable
A copy of military discharge papers (if applicable)

A copy of your certified Birth Certificates for each adult
A copy of your any certified Divorce Decrees (if applicable)

Once the paperwork phase is completed you will meet with an adoption specialist for a minimum of 4 hours in at least two separate times as required by state statute. Once the interview process is completed and the report is written it will be submitted to the court for approval of certification.